Munu Travel Home (MTH) That Travelers Love in Kathmandu. Munus Travel Home in Lazimpath, It is centrally located at the heart of Kathmandu in a quiet and pollution-free area in Lazimpat. MTH is in between Hotel Radisson and Lazimpat apartment.

The hotel’s architecture is built in Nepalese style with modern amenities. Since MTH is run by the family you will find your stay very pleasant and comfortable. This is to satisfy the diverse needs, expectations and perception of our guests whilst creating friendly familiar atmosphere. We provide comfortable and elegant accommodations with painlessly neat and clean environment, rooms and great view around Kathmandu valley.

The concept of MTH is to provide the traveler a home to stay where you will be completely taste the Nepali culture and cuisines. It’s a place where you will learn and travel and experience the difference in culture. Its not a hotel but a home so your stay in Kathmandu which makes the length of stay longer by making it cheap, easy and comfortable. We appreciate your ideas and your experience to share with us. We believe in cultural exchange.